Sunday, July 30, 2006

Location scouting

I've spend the past few weeks on the hunt for locations for the wedding. Sounds nuts right? Yep, until you find out that many places book well over a year in advance. One location we like is booked most Saturdays next summer already!

Saturday, Tim and I went to take a look at one of our current front-runners, Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu. Tucked away in the Santa Monica Mountains, the ranch is only an hour from Hollywood but far enough away from the traffic and aggrevation we call LA. The ranch is also a working winery and horse stables and in addition to the grapes and horses, they have veritable ark of other animals including zebras, llamas, and buffalo.

More Photos of Saddlerock Ranch

On Sunday we also checked out The Wattles Mansion in Hollywood which is actually just down the road and is a beautiful old home, but we thought is was not quite suitable for what we wanted. The floorplan is a little too broken up for what we are looking for and as convenient as it would be to just go down the's also just down the street and we didn't think it would feel quite as special that way.

The Wattles Mansion Website website

We also trucked down to Santa Ana to look at The Hacienda which was cute, but not quite intimate enough feeling for the size of our party. It would be a great venue for weddings of 150 + since it's so reasonably priced though.

The Hacienda's website (photography is very flattering, it's less elegant and more Rio Bravo-esque for all of my Atlanta folk

After our long day of free lunch and touring beautiful locations for our wedding, we decided we needed to relax so we ended the day at Newport Beach where Tim managed not to drown himself and where I was able to indulge in my new hobby, wedding magazines! We also lucked out and saw a school of dolphins playing about 10 yards off shore.


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